Thursday, January 10, 2013


Thank goodness for people in this world who are truly organized and are willing to share their ideas and expertise with people like me who become overwhelmed or lose momentum mid-project and end up even less organized than I started.

My latest organization obsession is Sophie's playroom.  Over the course of 26 months, we accumulated hundreds of toys and they're becoming increasingly heavy on small parts or just generally huge in size.  We bought gigantic storage tubs initially, and most of her toys fit in them for a long time although she couldn't access them without having one of us take them out for her.  As her toys started coming with more and more parts, they got lost in the deep black hole of the big bins. 

I searched online for solutions and came up with many pricey alternatives to the big tubs until, finally, I discovered a blogger who came up with this brilliant and low-cost (relative to the alternatives!) solutions that I'm using as my inspiration:

I ordered two of the bookshelves from Ikea for $59 each.  Because Nashville doesn't have an Ikea store, I ordered them through ModerNash, a company that picks up Ikea orders in Atlanta and delivers them to their Nashville warehouse.  I paid a total of $40 for ModerNash's service.  You can opt to pay additional fees for assembly and home delivery, but I'm hedging my bets that Jason and I can put these shelves together. 

Now I'm on the lookout for cute storage bins at Target and beyond and fabric for "bench" seating on top of the shelves when they're laid horizontally.

Maybe a combination of economical but colorful bin like these:
ClosetMaid Cubeicals® Fabric Drawer Fuschia
With a couple of fun bins like this one thrown into the mix:

Skip Hop Zoo Storage Bin - Owl

Thank you to Jen at iheart Organizing for the great idea!  Follow her at

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