Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It's Official

I skipped over an important milestone this month, the swearing in of the 108th General Assembly, a group of men and women that includes my husband, Jason. 

Anyone who knows our family knows that the year 2012 was filled from beginning to end with endless campaigning and sacrifices of family time.  The challenges made us stronger and we also had the chance to expand our world by meeting new people and making lifelong friends, many of whom worked tirelessly to help Jason succeed, and our appreciation for our community has grown as a result.

Earlier this month, Jason was sworn in and Sophie and I were able to be with him on the House floor along with his mother, Mary.  My parents were able to be there as well, watching from the balcony above the House floor. 

Taking the oath of office

Sophie really was happy for her dad, I swear.
We knew it would be next to impossible for our fun-loving toddler to sit quietly for nearly two hours, so she got a special treat, a lollipop, to keep her happy.  A reporter asked Jason about it after the ceremony and that resulted in a brief mention in The Tennessean the next day. 
The sucker that grabbed the attention of The Tennessean
This week marks the official start of session for lawmakers in Tennessee.  We know we'll see less of Jason for the next several months, but there are many rewards that come side by side with the challenges.  We're looking forward to seeing where this road takes us!

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