Thursday, January 29, 2015

What?! A New Post?

Skipping right over the excuses for not writing a post for months (and months), here's one that I grabbed from my favorite blog, Iowa Girl Eats. I want to see what you have to say about yourselves, too! 

Household chore I actually enjoy
Ummm… this is hard. I don’t really enjoy any of them but I do enjoy having a clean house! If I had to pick one, I’d say cleaning the wood floors. I love the way they look for the 90 seconds before dog hair and kid sludge reappears.

Biggest house disaster
Just one?? Our back porch and mud room. Both areas look like Sanford and Sons meets Home Depot. Bags of unused Quickrete, old toys that don’t work, three different strollers, all of our Christmas decorations that have been sitting there for over a MONTH… they make me crazy. We haven’t yet built in storage and hooks in the mud room so it’s just the place where all the clutter goes to die, plus we have approximately 15 cans of paint sitting in there.

Before company arrives, I hide
The five or six laundry baskets full of clean clothes that no one will put away.

Most recent music download
The Annie soundtrack. One of the greatest joys in my life is singing every single song with Sophie, who loves both the original and the new movie.

The last thing I bought online
A new comforter for our bedroom. There was too much gray with the walls and our old gray duvet cover and I’m excited to see how the color in the new one brightens up the room.


I hate to shop for Bras. TMI, but true. There is nothing more humbling to me than post-baby, post-nursing bra shopping. And I’m not gonna lie, I would wear the stretchy nursing bras forever and ever if I could.  

Favorite family ritual
I hate to leave Hawkes out of this one, but I love the last few minutes of the evening with Sophie and Jason. I’m sure Hawkes will join in down the road, but for now it’s the three of us all snuggled into Sophie’s bed while we 1) read a book 2) Jason tells a crazy story with lots of direction from Sophie and 3) Sophie tells us about her day. Precious time and we learn a LOT about what’s going on in that brain of hers.

I sleep in
Lately, these Zella soft pants that aren’t really pajamas. Pajama pants don’t work for me; they’re always too short after one dryer cycle. These Zella pants are awesome.

I have a style crush on
I have no idea! I like my own style.

I’m currently reading
Food: A Love Story.  But let me be real: I'm in a book club and I don't read the books. At least not very often. I just love the people in the club and the discussions we have (especially after wine) about all kinds of things.

What’s up with the ___ trend?
High-waisted jeans. Why? I don’t mean normal-waisted, i.e. not low-rider, jeans. High-waisted.

How did I ever live without
My Brooks Ghost running shoes. Love them so much. I thought I was a Mizuno person for the longest time, but I hadn’t met the Ghost yet. Wine comes in a close second.

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