Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Waiting is the Hardest Part

It has been a long while since I've posted an update about our house project.  Without going into too much detail, I'll just say it has gone over budget, long past the scheduled completion date, and we are way over it and ready to put the stress behind us and, finally, move into our home. No large project is without stress, but we have learned a lot through this process and I think have some valuable takeaways we'll apply to any future projects.  We have renovated two houses previously, but this is by far the most extensive project we've had.  

We are within weeks of moving in, and I'm working on putting together some before and after photos of the house.  I'll share just a few photos here for now, all taken about two weeks ago.  Since these were taken, cabinets have been installed, tile work has been completed and painting is underway. More pics to come soon.

Exterior of Addition - the brick on the original house was impossible to match, so we elected to install durable hardy board siding painted to match rather than using a different type of brick.

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom
Bonus Room

Bonus Room

Looking into dining/sitting area from bonus room.  The new back entry way/mud room is to the left and the new powder room is to the right.

Looking out into the living room and the front window from the dining room


Dining Room and Sitting Area / Fireplace.  The doorway to the right leads to the original bedrooms and bathrooms.

Living Room and Cabinets (lots of cabinets)

Computer closet

Hallway to new laundry room and master suite
Master Bathtub

Master Shower

Master toilet closet

No more acoustic ceilings.  All original rooms in the house had acoustic ceilings and we had to apply 1/4" sheet rock over them because they had been applied with a glue that proved impossible to sand down to remove.
Front door - surprise purchase Jason made. A solid walnut door with pretty side light panels.

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