Friday, April 18, 2014

Time is Flying

I had every intention of writing two- and three-month posts for Hawkes, but that hasn't happened!  He was three months old this week and I have yet to slap that three month sticker on his chest and take a photo, but it will happen!  He is such a big guy now and really strong.  

Yep, I could look at this face all day! His eyes are not as blue now - they are a blueish/greenish/brownish hazel.

I love this face - it's his skeptical face.  He's starting to really enjoy his play mat, but he's apparently suspicious of some of the dangling toys.

My favorite face - the gummy smile! Hawkes is such a happy, smiling little guy. It makes the tired days a lot more fun after some sleepless nights.
Likes:  Sophie, jumping/putting weight on his legs, putting his entire hand in his mouth, drooling, Sophie, blowing bubbles, Sophie, foot rubs, On Top of Spaghetti, Sophie, Twinkle Twinkle, Sophie, being naked or having his diaper changed, Sophie, baths, and pretty much anything Sophie does (except maybe when she grabs and squeezes his head or pinches him - gah!)

Dislikes: Sleeping all night long.  Ha!  We were so spoiled by Sophie, who was sleeping 10 hour stretches at 9 weeks old.  Not so much with Hawkes, but I know we'll get there.  We had a crazy week last week as Houdini found ways to escape from virtually every supposedly inescapable swaddle contraption.  At this point I'm double swaddling him for naps in a Woombie underneath a velcro Summer Infant Swaddle (both of his are for "big baby"!) and at night with his arms swaddled in an Aden + Anais swaddle with a velcro Summer Infant Swaddle on top.  Crazy! While he likes to escape, he hates being unswaddled.  Go figure!

Last month, I spent the day with a wonderful young woman who helped me get Hawkes into a better routine during the day, including crib napping, and it was the best thing we could have done.  We struggled a lot last month with bottles.  We've been trying pumped bottles with him since he was about three weeks old, but he's never really taken to them and lately flat out refused them.  Knowing that I was returning to work soon and he was refusing them made me a little crazy.  We tried different techniques and bottles and finally found one, the Comotomo, that he's taking pretty well.  Fingers crossed!  

Sometimes it feels like the entire last month of maternity leave is spent preparing myself and my baby to have the leave end. I just want the transition to be as good as possible for both of us.  Just a little more than two weeks now!  He's in good hands at the same school Sophie has been in since she was an infant and even in the same room she was with awesome and loving teachers.  That makes it much easier!

Have a great weekend!

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