Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I can't believe it has been almost three months since I composed my first blog entry (which I never posted), but it shouldn't be surprising.  A lot has happened since the end of April!  I don't think most of my posts will be this long, but here goes:

We ran the Country Music 1/2 Marathon (both Jason's and my 5th) a couple of days after the last post and, although neither of us set a PR (I'm blaming that on the heat and the crazed pace of life due to the campaign), we had a great race and enjoyed making that memory together.  May was a whirlwind of campaign events, work events, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, and it seems as though we blinked and missed it. 

Life threw us a bit of a curve ball last month in the form of a herniated L5 disc for Jason.  He's in a rigorous routine of physical therapy that combines traditional PT with some holistic approaches.  We're praying for his healing and my sanity!  One of the consequences of the herniated disc is that J is temporarily sidelined from running.  That's a big loss for us as a couple because it has always been our outlet together and as a family.  We both feel confident he'll be on the mend soon, with a lot of hard work, but it has been hard to give up that really enjoyable part of our lives temporarily.  

The Powell for Tennessee campaign is in full-swing.  If you want to check it out, we have a website (www.powellfortennessee.com), FB page, www.facebook.com/powellfortennessee and Twitter handle, @PowellforTN.  We have another fundraiser tomorrow night and the next financial disclosure deadline is July 1.  Jason out-raised his Democratic challenger 16-1 at the last disclosure.  He is totally energized by talking to voters, meeting new people, canvassing, phone banking, and all the other components of a campaign.  I'm proud of him for running an honest campaign.  Jason has no need to lie or spread rumors about his opponents because he is a naturally gifted leader who can win on his own merits.  

Like all change that makes your life bigger and fuller, campaigning can be a real test on a family.  It means that most waking moments when he's not at work, Jason is knocking doors, meeting with people, making phone calls and raising money.  It means he doesn't see as much of Sophie or of me.  It means virtual strangers pulling in and out of my driveway, spending time at my home, and countless phone calls early in the morning and late at night from people who want to know more.  Weekends are consumed from morning til night.  We're working on finding a balance, both as a family and as a couple.  Part of that balance means more frequent date nights, and we're both excited to have a babysitter on Friday night!

Sophie came down with the roseola virus last week, waking up from her nap at her childcare center with a 104+ fever on Wednesday afternoon.  My daughter, who normally never stops moving, was at a virtual standstill for three full days while she battled a high fever.  She spent lots of time in my lap, just snuggling.  My mom flew in from Illinois on Thursday afternoon, thank God, to help us.  I had a work event Thursday night and Jason had a neighborhood forum the same night, followed by a full weekend.  I don't know what we would have done without her and absolutely can't wait until she moves here later this year.  

That's probably more than anyone would want to know about our family for now, but I'll be back, and sooner this time, with more.   Until then, here's a quick pic of Sophie from last week, thanks to my friend Amy Anders. 

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