Friday, April 27, 2012

Finally, a Blog Post

I have wanted to write about my family's adventures for a while, but just haven't made it a priority until now.  There is never going to be a right time to do it, so I'm seizing the moment and making it happen.  

Do you want to know anything about me?  My most important job is mom to Sophie, who is 17 months old and a sassy, smart, hilarious, sweet girl who has more personality than anyone else I know.  I'm also a wife to Jason, a kind, handsome, world-changing kind of guy who is also a fantastic dad.   By day, I'm the director of development for the Nashville chapter of an international nonprofit that helps families of sick children.  

By all accounts, we're a very normal family, but we have a lot of fun and embark on a lot of little adventures together.  Our latest series of adventures center around Jason's campaign for the 53rd District of the Tennessee State House of Representatives.  See above re:  world-changing husband.  What does that mean for our family?  It means living a bigger life and meeting many, many new people.  It also means Jason will be away from us quite a bit, canvassing neighborhoods and getting to know his potential constituents.  It means my patio is covered in campaign signs and our dining room table is covered in district maps and other campaign materials.  It's a really exciting time but, like every chance to grow and change, it's also peppered with uncertainty and challenges.  

Today is Friday, which would normally mean a dinner out with the family tonight, being lazy and watching TV after Sophie goes to bed, sleeping until Sophie wakes us up in the morning and then starting the day with a nice family run on a greenway.   

This weekend is a little different; tonight we'll still eat dinner together as a family, but we'll turn in early so we can be up before dawn to get ready for the Country Music Half Marathon.  Our babysitter will arrive at 6am tomorrow so we can make our way to the start line and hopefully beat the heat and finish the race before the temps rise too high.  This is the first time since 2009 that I have run the half marathon either 1) not pregnant or 2) nursing/pumping so I feel a lot of freedom this year.  Jason and I love to run together and each year use our Saturday long runs as dates with each other, so no matter how we finish, we will enjoy spending a couple of hours together with nothing else to do but run.  

After the race, Jason will most likely get to work campaigning and Sophie and I have a date with friends at the zoo, so it should be a great day.  

What are your plans this weekend?  Whatever they are, have fun and enjoy!

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