Thursday, January 30, 2014

Is it Just Me Or...

Is the doorbell that much louder when you have a sleeping baby in the house? I swear, every delivery (accompanied by ridiculous dog-barking) arrives just when Hawkes settles in for that last late afternoon nap. 

I'm trying to get my act together to write a real post, but wanted to share some photos of the first two days Hawkes was here with us at Vanderbilt until then. 

Our first family photo, minus Sophie. Someone asked if I was wearing makeup and the answer is I might have had a little residual makeup from the previous day at work - I was in labor from about noon on 1/13 until I delivered at 5:24am on 1/14.  Washing my face wasn't exactly a priority!
Kids, in case you don't know the conversion, 4.080 kg is NINE POUNDS!
Proud dad

Keeping it real. She was excited about Hawkes, but she's still three!
Who knew we'd have a great hospital room view? And gorgeous flowers from some thoughtful well-wishers.
Love this pic of the proud big sister
And another...
Headed home!   

Just for fun, here's us going home with newborn Sophie!

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