Friday, October 18, 2013

Goodbye, Old Friend

Ok, I'm being a little melodramatic about saying goodbye to my old friend, my reliable, dependable, gas-efficient Honda.  But we had a lot of really great times together!  Like this one (above) when I was just four months pregnant with Sophie on the day we bought the car.  Or this one (below) when we were loading up the Honda with all the gifts from our family baby shower in Moline and stopped to take a quick family photo before jumping in to make the long drive back to Nashville - one of the last times we would be together with my grandparents when they were both healthy.  
That little car got us to all of our new parent classes at Vanderbilt, like this one where Jason and all of the other dads had a chance to wear the pregnant belly.
Although the Honda didn't bring us home as a family of three from the hospital, it got Sophie and me around town countless times over the past three years, provided an outlet for me to get out of the house with a newborn, gave me white noise to blast loudly as I drove a crying baby around town and carried us to all kinds of destinations near and far.  I think the car could navigate itself to Target, the Zoo and some of our favorite playgrounds because of all the miles burned between our house and those places over the past 35 months. 

Sophie cried last night when we told her that someone else had my car now, but we explained (again) that we needed a bigger car so she'd have room to share the backseat with her brother in just a couple of months and she's pretty excited about that, just as we are.  I'm not really sad about selling my car, but I am a little nostalgic thinking back on all the memories from the last three years since we bought it, because these have been the most eventful and monumental of my life so far. 

On another note, we won't be able to bring home our new car for another week or so and, in the meantime, my parents have graciously loaned us one of their cars.  It happens to be a sort of small, low muscle car with just two seats and I can't wait to see the looks I get when I try ever so mightily to gracefully get into and out of that car with my over-sized belly.  

I can't go a week without a picture of Sophie, so here's a shot from one of our many visits to see Boo, Sophie's favorite horse, at Ellington Ag Center.  

Boo was one of her first words, that's how much she loves visiting and talking about him.  This picture was taken just before another horse walked over and gave Sophie a big kiss on the head, so sloppy that we had to go home and give her a bath!  She loved it.  If you haven't been to the Ag Center, check it out sometime. This weekend is the Music & Molasses Festival on Saturday and Sunday, a great chance to see the trails, the stables, creeks and more.  Until next time!

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